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Music for restaurants, bars, and clubs

Music moods from Sunday brunch to Saturday night dance club and everything in between.

Rock My Venue Tablet Mobile

What is Rock My Venue?

A virtual DJ for your restaurant, bar, or club. We have real DJs creating seamless music mixes at the right tempo to enhance your customers' enjoyment. This keeps them there longer increasing your ROI. We have music moods from Sunday brunch to Saturday night dance club and everything in between.

Now See & Hear the Difference!

Computer Generated Mixes by other Streaming Services

Computer generated mixes create gaps and drop in energy between songs.

Rock My Venue Tracklist

Drop in Energy

Did you hear the drop in energy? Not great.
Now hear it with a seamless transition.

Rock My Venue DJ Mix Format

Mixes have consistent upbeat energy.

No Drop in Energy

Rock My Venue DJ

Pretty awesome, right?!

Rock My Venue

  • Enormous library of expertly curated music

Proven to increase the enjoyment of your diners


Other Business Music Products

  • Enormous library of songs that are configured into a playlist by a software algorithm

  • Ability to control music library to keep music branding consistent across all locations

  • Specifically selected songs blended and curated by professional DJs

  • The most upbeat songs with seamless transitions between songs (no gaps between songs)

  • Can be played in your restaurant, bar, or club areas without additional licensing

  • Can be customized with your brand name and colors, as well as other customized features

  • No ability to control music library across all locations

  • Playlists generated by algorithms - - not by humans with music expertise

  • Songs with inconsistent tempo and awkward pauses between songs

  • Consumer music apps (e.g., Spotify, Apple) are not licensed for business use and are illegal to use in your business

  • Not customizable

Ability to control music library to keep music branding consistent across all locations

Optimizing Music for Restaurant Concepts

The Power of Music to Influence Behavior

Numerous studies have shown that music can be used to influence the behavior of your customers. Use RMV to influence, motivate, stimulate and promote a desired outcome.

Rock My Venue Dining
Rock My Venue Dining Friends

The Components of Restaurant Mixes

  • On-brand music programming, customizable to fit all hours of operation.

  • Applying behavioral science to mix design leveraging mood, tempo, and song feel to increase sales.

  • All mixes are mastered for consistent volume levels, and edited to be free of explicit/offensive lyrics.

  • With a continuous mix of songs with no gaps/fade outs, people lose their sense of time passed so they stay longer and buy more food/drinks.


The Right Music For Restaurants,
Bars, and Clubs

In the restaurant industry, the right music is extremely important because it can enhance the client experience and result in improved enjoyment. Our music is proven to do both, which boosts retention and ROI!


Rock My Venue Suite of Products

Rock My Venue App

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Licensed music library with 3+ hour mixes curated specifically FOR bar/restaurant use

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Filter music content by genre (e.g. Little Bit of Everything, Rock) and time of day (e.g., Happy Hour, Late Night)

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Ability to stream music from any iOS device - iPad, iPhone or iPod


Rock My Venue Web Player

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Play Rock My Venue music from any device with a web browser or from an app

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Simple interface

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Your account information will sync seamlessly between all devices


Rock My Venue Scheduler

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Drag and drop mixes onto your calendar and they’ll automatically play when they should 

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Enables restaurant managers to spend less time worrying about what music to play next

Rock My Venue Checkmark Green

Easy scheduling of genre-specific and decade-specific music to fit different vibes throughout the day

Rock My Venue Checkmark White

What Rock My Venue Can Offer You

Better Content

A superior music format compared to other products

A “Virtual” DJ

A lower cost option to a live DJ on slower nights

Customer Engagement

Multiple studies have shown DJ mixed music is far more engaging and satisfying to customers

Cost Effectiveness

Better product at a lower price

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